Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Butterfly Effect

I've just added a lovely new product to the website and I thought I'd share the story behind them with you...

These beautiful ceramic butterfly magnets are handmade by fresh new designer Christine Sterlini, and as well as looking absolutely delightful on the fridge, they also support people with mental health problems in the UK. With every purchase, a £1 donation is made to MIND, a charity which works to combat the stigma & discrimination of mental health problems in our society.

The butterfly magnets come in a large size, a small size and a mixed bag of 3 - prices start at £3.75
Colours, shapes and sizes vary slightly as they are handmade and are completely unique.

The Story behind the butterflies....

Christine Sterlini, a graduate from Central St Martins art school, started producing the ceramic butterflies as part of her degree.... Inspired by the UK’s dwindling number of butterflies, Christine adopts these beautiful and cherished creatures as an emblem and earlier this year she placed her beautifully crafted ceramic butterflies around locations in London for the general public to find, with a link to a website I Spy a Butterfly explaining the project and the theory behind it.

Christine says:

“I really wanted people with depression to be seen in association with something unique & valuable, but also fragile- vulnerable to the destructive nature of social stigma. It's upsetting if they break when we handle them, how much more upsetting though when we break people with our clumsy handling."

Christine hopes the project encourages us to reflect on our views & actions, & rectify any prejudices on mental health we may be unconsciously harbouring. Indeed the butterflies are small, but true to the 'butterfly effect' they have the potential to change views around the world.

Butterfly magnets - from £3.75 - Patchwork Harmony


  1. They are beautiful - and such an amazing cause.

  2. the butterflies are lovely! to me- they always remind me of the beauty of life! the story behind it is inspiring, it is an admirable cause.

  3. fab post and brilliant cause
    i have ordered mine C
    love k

  4. These are so gorgeous, bring back the British butterfly x


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