Monday, October 19, 2009

'Moulding' a style!

Is anyone else as in to vintage moulds as I am?! Its weird as I couldn't actually tell you what it is about them that appeals, but I just like the look of them!
It appears I am not the only one, as I have actually sold a few of these lovely glass jelly moulds in the Vintage section of my boutique!

And now I'm excited to tell you about a little Christmas project I've been working on involving vintage chocolate moulds! I've been gradually collecting up a varied selection of chocolate moulds, some of which are slightly rusty and worn, and no longer fit for making chocolate in... and they have been recycled into cute Christmas tree decorations!

They come packaged in mixed sets of 5 - different sizes and shapes - with 5 different shades of ribbon to dangle them from your tree! You never quite know what you might get (like a box of chocolates! tee hee! :) ) What do you think?! Buy here for £6.95

I thought I'd check out what else can be done with moulds... candles are definitely a fave it seems!

For something a little different, I LOVE these Pendant Jelly Lights from Re Found Objects! £48.

You don't even need to transform them into something else for them to look fab, just create an interesting display on a shelf, or on the wall, like this pic.... what a great collection!


  1. ohhh i love the jelly candles and the jelly pendant lights!!!

  2. A great idea to use the chocolate moulds as decorations!


  3. I love the old moulds too. I spotted your vintage chocolate mould Christmas decorations in your store and think they're ingenious! Didn't realise you'd invented them though, great idea.

  4. i am in love with these - have to have them and they will make a great present for my sister for her christmas tree as she is a keen cook

  5. I love love love the jelly mould pendant lights!


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