Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Sofa - the Cover Star!

Has anyone seen the cover of Homes & Antiques magazine this month?!


I can't remember if I mentioned it in previous posts, but we got it from The Old Cinema in Chiswick back in August... they are one-off pieces, covered in french grain sacks, so I am pretty sure the one H&A's have used for their shoot is the sofa we then went on to buy!
Here she is!....

Sorry my pictures aren't as beautifully styled with a cosy fire and cute dog...(there will be a pug there one day though!) but we still have to decorate this room!

If you don't know The Old Cinema you must check it out, either their website or the store if you're in London - I could spend hours in the shop.... and a lot of pennies too!



  1. I think your sofa is just excellent since I have also sofa at my house but it does not look like yours.your's are just awesome.


  2. Oh wow, that's amazing! Well spotted, or do you get that magazine anyway? Love the sofa and maybe have to wonder to The Old Cinema next time we are in London (I used to love going in there when we lived in Twickenham)

  3. Made me laugh when you said a pug is on your wish list to go with the sofa. We have a black one called Alfie Blue. Incredible dogs, great companions, but stubborn as hell and they lick their feet pretty much all the time. If you like sitting in peace I'd leave it a bit longer.

    Mrs Bun x

  4. Well done on the sofa fame!

    Spotted your Pin Tin in the Mail on Sunday on 11th October as well.

  5. wow! i love the chair! and it was on a magazine! i will check out the store online and oh, how i wish i have a pug too:)

  6. Wow how beautiful is that sofa!? You're so lucky to actually own it. Hope its ego doesn't get too big now it's a celebrity...

  7. I'd love the sofa for my apartment... I think the delivery to Italy would be too expensive!
    What a pity!

    I like your blog!


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