Wednesday, October 28, 2009

recycling wallpaper samples

Its probably taken me about 2 months to make a decision on which wallpaper to go for in our hallway! Its such a difficult decision! and I seem to have ended up back at my very first choice anyway... (i think!)

Harrys Garden by Louise Body....

So then I thought I want to do 'something' with the leftover wallpaper samples which are all lovely and seems a shame to throw them away....
I love this image from a recent shoot Selina Lake & Debi Treloar styled and photographed for Homes & Antiques magazine..... and it has actually got at least 2 of the samples I have in there!

see more from this feature on Selina's blog.

I'm just a bit worried I might not be able to make it look as fab as this, or if my other half will allow! So I think my plan is to do it on a smaller scale and use them to create a noticeboard for my office.... something like the one here.....

So now I'm on the hunt for a great frame! It would be really easy to pick up a plain wooden frame and paint it, but I am envisaging something slightly more ornate.... I'll be keeping my eyes peeled at the car boot this Sunday!



  1. Very good idea. My husband and I are planning inspiration boards for the same wall and this would give us the ability to separate and customize our different boards. Thanks!

  2. The whole office decor is stunning!!!!

  3. I've been after a frame for ages too... I keep passing some up because they aren't 'perfect' and aren't exactly what I have in my mind. But then I regret not getting the one I saw - but these things have to be perfect to satisfy you once your project is complete, don't you think??

    Anyway... good luck with your hunt! And I love your wallpaper choice.

    Lucy xx


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