Friday, November 20, 2009

books... Storage Style

I don't know about you, but one of my constant battles at home is storage - there is just never enough space or places to put everything! So when I seen the Country Living book - Storage Style by Lesley Porcelli I thought this is perfect for me! It is a lovely book full of gorgeous photography and seems to focus mainly on open storage - so rather than shoving everything in a cupboard and shutting the door, trying to organise all your things and looking good at the same time!

One idea which I have adopted myself is stacking piles of books, originally as we didn't really have much furniture, I used a stack as a bedside table! As in this picture it can look really great....

I love these quite chaotic but organised rooms which use all the space to display and store essentials...

There are lots of ideas for quirky containers, and your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled for vintage items that could be used for storage, like these....

I recently found a similar vintage trunk in a charity shop for about £25, which is great for towels and linen you don't use regularly, or your out of season wardrobe....

and if you're lucky enough to have space for a dedicated laundry room, how great is this dolls house shelving!?!

Images courtesy of Jacqui Small


  1. - caroline i saw this girls stuff at a craft fair here in northern ireland and thought of you - as it is pretty and vintage like - have a look

  2. I love the way they've stored the make-up brushes. I feel I'm going to have to nab that idea for my bathroom!

    I'm a big fan of open storage as I always feel what's the point of buying things you love just to hide them away? Sadly my boyfriend disagrees!

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