Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the next thrifty chair makeover!

So those of you that may have seen my last chair makeover may be excited to know I've now done the other one! As planned, it is completely different from the Cath Kidston oil cloth one AND it cost me absolutely nothing! not a penny!
To remind you what the original chair looked like.....

and now she looks like this.....!!

what do you think?! do you prefer this one or this first one?!
here's a few more closer pics....

Luckily I managed to find some pots of paint in our shed left behind by the previous owners, so I just painted one coat of this ochre colour - kind of a light grey / green - and then I gave it a rub with sandpaper in a few areas to give it the good old 'shabby chic' look! For the seat cover, I had a batch of Ian Mankin fabric samples knocking around that I knew I'd find a use for one day, and I just stitched them all together on the machine and re-covered the seat with it! Voila!
I think I've definitely found a new passion, it is so satisfying bringing something back to life!



  1. Amazing - very clever indeed, well done! xx

  2. I love giving a new life to something old... you have done a fantastic job caroline!! Well done!!

  3. You make it sounds so easy! I'm a complete hack with a needle and thread and even more so on a machine. It looks great, though I think I still favour the first chair by a bit.

  4. I love it! I bet it looks good next to the Kidston one too! I lovethe idea of mismatched ones, but kind of matching!I prefer this one I think.

  5. hermoso tu trabajo!!!!.

  6. Oh that's a lovely transformation – very classy and a little sassy :)


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