Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas class and sparkle!

I now longer feel guilty for talking about Christmas! It is most definitely on its way! And today I'm off to hunt down a tree (its never that easy when you don't have a car - the other half has to carry it on his back!) and hopefully some new decorations! As we've never had a fireplace before until this year, I hope to find a lovely garland to lay on the fireplace, lots of candles and sparkle!
I love these images from Ideal Home & Homes & Gardens - they are so classy and frosty! but with those lovely fires also cosy! x


  1. Realy so classy and frosty! Thanks!

  2. A shame I am not decorating my house this year as I am off to Spain soon to spend Xmas!! I love the whole Xmas decorating ritual!

  3. I love those fires! I'm having a serious case of fire envy at the moment as our living room is boarded up... we are planning on renovating it but I wish it was done now!


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