Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting in the Christmas (shopping) Spirit!

Lets face it, as much as I love Christmas, the shopping bit can be a tad tedious.... crowds, queues, battling bad weather and generally panicking over what to buy your loved ones! But how much better would it be if you can combine it with a little trip away somewhere?!

Have you ever thought of jumping on the Eurostar and popping over the Channel for a day of shopping?! I don't think I would ever have really considered it until last weekend when I got to try out the theory of a "Little Break" with some fellow bloggers when we hopped over to Brussels where we visited a chocolate factory,went for lunch, browsed the HUGE Christmas markets, AND still made it back home in time for X Factor! :) Much more fun than jostling with stressed shoppers on Oxford Street, and how impressed will your family be when they open their authentic Belgian chocolates, beautiful handcrafted toys or luxurious deer skin rug?!

Here are a few of the gorgeous stalls and items for sale I spotted in the market....

cute decorations.... (i bought one of these hanging ones)
homemade honey, jams, chutneys...
wooden toys....
pretty handles/doorknobs....

And if you've got some time left over after browsing the stalls, there are lots of cute shops dotted around to check out too.... I found a great little print shop, selling lots of retro style graphic prints of which I purchased a couple!

and how cute are these house shaped tins?! the chocolate fountain looks pretty tasty too! :)

I have to say I'm not one for getting up early in the morning, so catching the 7am Eurostar was a struggle, but once you're having breakfast on the train thats soon forgotton! It was a great day, and truly has put me in the Christmas spirit! Now I just can't wait for my New Years trip to Paris!!
Do you know of any other great Christmas markets in the UK or Europe? I'm desperate to visit some more now! Let me know! :)


  1. That's such a fantastic idea! Love the fact that you all made it back in time for X Factor, girls after my own heart :)

  2. Glad you had a good time! I've got one of the little house shaped tins that I bought in Brussels earlier in the year.


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