Saturday, December 19, 2009

thatched roofs, Aga's and a lot of charm....

what exactly makes the 'Perfect English Cottage'? Well a new book of this name from Ryland Peters and Small looks at this idea, and visits many interesting people's homes throughout the book.

It gives some lovely background info on the owners and the houses themselves and with great photography by Jan Baldwin, it makes for a beautiful book for anyone who dreams of either living in a quirky cottage in the country or just needs inspiration to create this style in a urban home....

One of my favourites from the book is a lovely 16th century cottage in the heart of Cornwall, it has been lovingly restored from almost derelict, and has the perfect mix of old and new, I adore this green range, next to the sleek grey cupboards...

There is a real mix of cottages in the book, whether you prefer the true traditional style of a tiny cottage with low ceilings, or something that gives a more modern twist on the country cottage style...

Quick, add it to your Christmas list asap!


  1. That is a fantastic book! I have met Ros, she is a lovely lady! Lizzie

  2. Also, meant to say that my fave is the bedroom with the floral half-circle rug!


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