Saturday, March 28, 2009

50th post Competition giveaway!!

A little bit of a landmark has arrived! This is the 50th Patchwork Harmony post! And to celebrate I thought I would do a little giveaway!

Up for grabs this time is a hardback copy of a fantastic book which I reviewed a little while ago here

'Home Girl - Building a Dream House on a Lawless Block'
By Judith Matloff

It is a great read, and I have thought about it recently while we have been house hunting, and thought how author Judith really was brave to take on such an enormous renovation project in a neighbourhood were not many house hunters would even consider.  I know myself that we discarded certain houses we viewed due to a few dodgy characters knocking around...

Along with this book, you will be the first to receive a beautifully handcrafted Patchwork Harmony fabric heart! 
When my online shop officially opens in a few weeks, all first orders will receive one of these, but the winner will get one right now! :)

To enter either leave a comment on this post, or pop me an email with the subject line 'Competition Entry' to

Closing date is Wed 8th April.

Good Luck!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tackle climate change by candlelight

This Saturday WWF are holding their 'Earth Hour'. Just turn off your lights for 1 hour from 8:30pm and help to combat climate change and show World leaders that we really do care about what happens to our planet. (click here to register and let WWF know you are in support) It is the perfect opportunity to have a special candlelight evening with your special someone! I am thinking of it as an eco-friendly Valentines day! minus the material goods, but filled with romance and a nice bottle of wine by candlelight!! Ooo... and talking of love! check out these amazing new pieces of art work for your wall from Rockett St George.... I heart them!



Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sunny thoughts of Summer

Its been another busy week, shooting more photography for the shop opening, and working on the website, but in between all this, with the weather being so beautiful this week, I don't know about you by my thoughts have definitely been turning to the summer and spending time outdoors! and I am desperately hoping we find a house to buy in time for summer so we will get to enjoy a garden!

I really want to get into gardening more when we move, although I am not sure if this is just the draw of all the pretty accessories that can be had for the outdoors!! if I am gonna have to get down on my hands & knees to weed, then I will want to be kneeling on this....

Summer Toile Garden Kneeler - Cath Kidston - £25

And to bring a bit of the indoors outside these shelves from RE are gorgeous! and I imagine will only get better with age....

oooh, and I found some more letters to add to my collection here too! (see end of this post)

I really hope to attract some wildlife to our garden too, and Hen & Hammock have some great items for enticing various creatures to your garden.... 
This 'Hamper for Garden Birds' (£30) is great as it is eco-friendly and includes food and bedding for visiting birds! how cute, like a mini bird hotel! :)

And not forgetting the cutest (but prickliest!) of garden animals - the hedgehog! let them hibernate, breed and shelter in this little wooden pad. £44.

fingers crossed the UK enjoys a nice summer this year! For once!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Country Living Fair faves!

I've just got back from spending the day at the Country Living Spring Fair in Islington... as always it seemed another busy year for the fair - not much sign of the credit crunch there! 
I was keeping my eyes peeled for items to furnish our new home (we do have to find it first though!) and I was loving the gorgeous french vintage furniture from Maison Claire.... check out Claire's website for items such as these:

Set of French Vintage Floral Storage Tins - £54

Victorian Pembroke Painted Kitchen Table - £250

Vintage Green Galvanised Bread Bin - £40

Rustic French Wall Unit - £120

I am also loving these personalised lavender hearts (£15) from Natures Harvest.  You can have your house name added and hang at your door! how sweet! 

I have decided I want to collect all the letters that make up Patchwork Harmony and then when I get my little home office, I will have them all lined up on a shelf! I'm sure you know what I mean, but something like this....

and today I picked up a P and a T from Katharine Pole's stand! here they are!

Let me know if you know of anywhere good to pick up a good selection of wooden letters!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Feel good photography

I think it is so important to include photography in your home, whether it is pictures of your family and friends, a holiday snap which you are proud of, or a edition print from a well known photographer - whatever it is that raises a smile every time you look at it, you should make it a focal point of your living space.

And one thing I took notice of while studying my photography degree, was just print it big and it will look amazing! Just make sure when printing your owns shots that you get advice from your photo lab as to how big your digital files will go...

But if you don't fancy printing your own, all you need to do is search online for pictures you like, most photographers will be willing to make up prints for you, for a price of course, but one great place to find great photography is the trusted Etsy... here are a couple of my faves.

Or even check out Ikea for some great prints on a budget.  I heart these.....

and I had to include this Ikea one due to my pug obsession....!
I even managed to create a website of my own photography since graduating nearly 5 years ago, although I must admit it has fallen slightly to the wayside with working full time, blogging, opening my shop etc! 


Saturday, March 7, 2009

sneak preview of shop goodies!

I have had a hectic week this week so haven't had a chance to visit blog land! mainly I have been busy working on shooting the photography for my online shop! Its been great fun, although takes a lot longer than I expected so still lots to do, but I thought I'd give you a little sneak preview of the goodies you will be able to buy at, hopefully in a few weeks time!

for your kitchen - a pretty jam pot

for your garden - citronella candles - to keep those bugs away...

for your bathroom - vintage style enamel soap holders

and finally - these cute little tins can be used for anything, but I think they are great for keeping pins in!

I am very excited about the opening, but also very nervous! It would be great to here your thoughts! more info soon! 

Love Caroline 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Plumo's New Spring Collection

I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a pretty glass butter dish, so just had to snap up this gorgeous rabbit shaped one from Plumo, for only £8!

As you will see they also do a hen version, but thought it might be hen overload in my kitchen  as I also have this guy....!

Plumo has some other great new home items within there Spring collection... check out my faves, and they are doing free P&P at the moment, so visit them asap! Plumo website.

Biscuit plate - £24
Two tier cake stand - £49

Gold Leaf Mirror - £75

Artisan boxes - £33

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