Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lisa Stickley designs for Debenhams - Preview!

I do love Lisa Stickley's designs, I especially loved the enamel Warley Blue range, of which I myself, own a lovely big pot! I love how she has given these classic enamel items a more modern twist by adding the floral design.
She has a lovely range of goodies on own her website from textiles to china (and there is currently a sale on!) and you can still pick up the enamelware from Tree House Blue.

And now Debenhams have just announced they are launching a range of Lisa's designs! And as with the Warley blue they are describing the new range as one "that translates Lisa Stickley's ability to create nostalgic pieces with a contemporary twist"

The range is to include printed bed linen, colourful kitchen storage, dining & tea time crockery, table linen and kitchen textiles as well as decorative accessories, priced from just £3.50 - so nice and affordable!

The range will not be available until August 2010, but here is a little sneak preview....!
What do you think?!



  1. I think that it's going to be a very long wait until August! I am so having that tea pot...and the cake tin...and you might as well wrap up the biscuit tin while you are there. Thanks for the tease ;-)

  2. I NEED the wee cottage biscuit tin! It will be mine!

  3. I like the pink and white biscuit tin and it will match well with most of the things I have including the pink momiji dancing girl. Love it...!

  4. I need the teeny tin as well. Depending on the price I might need 3. :)

  5. Love that cute teapot with the scribbled roses :P

  6. I want that cake tin! Can't wait till August to get my hands on that baby :)

    Read your guest post on Tea for Joy and thank you so much for the mention. Made my day xx

  7. oh, i think i need that biscuit tin and the sweet little tea pot!! oh, heck, I should get the cake tin too!!



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