Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paris flea market trip....

On the last day of our New Years trip in Paris, we walked from our hotel near Place de la Republique to the Saint Ouens flea market in the north of Paris. It was a good 45-60min walk, and to be honest the area where the market is, is a bit rough around the edges, but it was well worth it to stroll around this fantastic, but incredibly expensive Puces de Saint Ouen flea market! (also known as Clignancourt flea market) If visiting for the first time, be sure to bypass the first market you hit (whether you walk or catch the metro) it is stalls selling fake handbags, belts etc, and continue until you reach Rue de Rosiers on the left.... (map here)

The market is made up of 12 individual markets - but to be completely honest the one I was mainly interested in is called Vernaison - it is what you would picture a true french flea market to be like - while some of the other areas are more like arcades - individual traders selling from glass shop units - their wares being very ornate, lots of gold gilt furniture, huge statues of tigers etc....!

So Vernaison was were we spent most of the time, and there is plenty there to keep you entertained!

I knew this market has a reputation for being expensive but I have to say I was still shocked to pick up things such as the above enamel tea & coffee pots and see a €65 price tag on there!! not even worth the haggle!! Apart from the pieces I bought from Tombees du Camion I mentioned in my previous post I only bought an empty picture frame (which I plan to make into a noticeboard) for €15...

One thing I did love about the market, was that while it generally has that lovely 'jumbled up' flea market feel, some of the stall holders have really went to town with the styling of their pitch. Most have a covered over 'shop' which they just shut at the end of the day, so the interiors look fantastic!
One of my faves was this one, which sold lots of vintage letterpress blocks, and the metal stencil letters below, and I loved the cute little wooden soldiers!

I think going there on the day after New Years Day was a good idea, as I don't think it was nearly as busy as it normally is, although some stalls did shut early as I guess they thought it was too quiet. But all in all, well worth the visit! Plus we mingled with the stars! - we spotted Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster browsing the stalls!

Oh, and would you believe I have a book to match this trip too!? My other half bought me this for Christmas.... it has lots of info on this Paris flea market, along with flea markets all over France!! I wonder how many I can get to in the next year or two!?! ;)



  1. The markets look amazing! I would have spent a small fortune knowing me and flea markets ;) xx

  2. Hi Caroline!

    I got that book for Christmas too as my husband and I are hoping to go in May!!!!!

    I'm shocked about how expensive the prices are. Would you say you would go there more for inspiration rather than stock?

    Wonderful photos (as always), thank you for this post I appreciate all the info.

    Lucy xx

  3. Oh, lovely. I wonder if I missed parts of it - it was so difficult to navigate!

  4. lovely photos & those markets look amazing!

  5. years ago a tried to find this flea market. we stumbled across all the fake handbags and could not find anyone to speak english to point us in the right direction. so we turned and went back!!! so now i know where to go. should i ever get the chance to return! i love your blog. so inspirational. every image you post. i. just. adore.


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