Thursday, February 25, 2010

File it away for another day....

Why is it when you are patiently waiting for that perfect piece of furniture to come along, to fit that empty space and is within your budget, lots of other inappropriate but gorgeous things just seem to keep jumping out in front of you?!
I'm currently keeping my eyes peeled for some kind of unit/sideboard to go under our living room window.... something like this would be cool, although if it was about £1000 cheaper! :(

But what pops into my inbox today but this beautiful green filing unit! I love receiving the weekly updates from The Old Cinema where this is from, but usually I can't afford their lovely pieces (although we did get our Grain sack sofa from there!!) but this is only £195, not too bad!
The colour is stunning and those little gold handles!! Its not right for the long low space under the window, so I am trying to tell myself there is no real place for it,and forget it - but its so pretty!!

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  1. Yup I always see things I can't afford and shouldn't buy while I'm waiting for that magic piece to be found in a street/ebay/charity shop etc!

  2. I just found my lovely sideboard at the tip. It needed lots of cleaning, but it is now in it's new home. Posted here


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