Monday, February 15, 2010

Wheeler Studio - Stationery

I don't often post about stationery, but sometimes its just to lovely not to! Sorry this is a little late for Valentines Day, but my other half received one of these cards, so didn't want him seeing them beforehand! :)

Its these beautiful cards from Eliza at Wheeler Studio on Etsy that I have fallen for.... visit her shop to read these cards up close, they have the loveliest little quotes on them!

and some of her other designs are just fab too....

and I am loving these beautiful prints, perfect for a childs bedroom perhaps.... she only has these 2 in the shop at the moment, so I'm really hoping she will have more soon, as I think they are stunning!

oh, and just to let you know the Patchwork Harmony blog will be getting a new image very soon! so stay tuned for the new look in the next week or two, I'm really excited about unveiling it! :)



  1. Great cards. I'm heading right now to check out the Etsy shop!

    Really looking forward to seeing the new look blog! xx

  2. I'm so honored by this post! Thank you Patchwork Harmony, so much, for the beautiful feature. And thanks to everyone for looking!
    ~Eliza at


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