Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adding some zing!

My equal love for calm, neutral tones and bright, eye catching colours, seem to be merging particularly well at the moment, with the current trend for keeping backgrounds muted and then adding zingy accessories. The Living Etc galleries have some great examples of how painting walls grey, lilac or just simple white can make a strong base for enhancing your bright accessories...

And I've just been checking out the Spring/Summer range at Habitat, who most definitely seem to be embracing this trend! It can also be extended to the garden, or outside space.... this lovely table would brighten up even the dullest of British summer days!

Here are some of my fave pieces from the range - I especially love the cushions - perfect for my grey sofa... and the deckchair!

What do you think? Is it all a bit too bright, and just a fad? Or is it just what we all need after and long and dreary winter?!



  1. i love habitats summer ranges, am always drawn to nice bright modern how do i persuade the boyfriend that a pink lamp is absolutely essential!


  2. i love bright stripes and printed accents to a home!as long as it's not overdone, i think it makes a room feel a lot happier!!


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