Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Florence & Florence - a brand new brand

I'm heading off for a few days, but before I go I just thought I'd let you know about a lovely new shop that is opening this month.
I have just been along to their launch night this evening in an interesting little venue on a side street just off Brick Lane.
Florence and Florence is a mother and daughter collaboration. Mother Christine Florence Proctor and daughter Annie Florence Proctor, who both have a passion for second hand items, bring their talents together and breathe new life into used items.

They had some lovely pieces at very reasonable prices.... from pretty glassware, to a wide array of vintage cutlery to a great selection of the Penguin classic books...
I was disappointed in my own savvyness though, as I had my eye on a lovely wooden magazine rack which was £20, but while I continued to browse, someone else snapped it up! School boy error!!
So in the end the only thing we came away with was a nice black & white striped mug for the other half....
Its lovely to find a new company trading in vintage that have not inflated the prices to unaffordable heights.... which has the ease of buying online and adds a nice touch of stylish packaging. I'm excited to see more from Florence and Florence - they plan to sell their wares via pop up shops and events around London until they find the perfect premises, and their website will go live sometime this month. Watch this space! x


  1. Love the striped mug you came away with. Can't wait to visit their website. Thanks for such an interesting post. Ingrid

  2. Oohhhh....can't wait til their online shop opens!!! Thanks for the link :)

  3. Your blog looks amazing! And so is that book stand. A bookish person like me would spazz like crazy when I get hold of that!

  4. for all those patchworkfashionista's - Liberty's London have a whole floor devoted to quilting/patchwork.../knitting/cloth and trimmings as part of the V&A event - closes 12th April 2010..... well worth a visit... loads of ideas.... Helen


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