Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rugs on my radar...

I've never taken that much notice of rugs before... not sure why really, but now that I'm in the market for one (or two!) for our house I discovered a whole new world of rug delights!
Of course when your budget is tight, the chances of bagging the rug of your dreams is slim - they are so expensive! but it doesn't stop you browsing on the likes of the Rug Company's website!

Their styling is lovely, and helps to put the rug designs in a setting, which is often the hard part when you see them hanging in a shop...

all pics via rugcompany.info

mmm... if money was no object I could choose one for every room!

another one which stands out, but is also sadly unattainable at £825, is this multi-coloured round rug from Heals....

and within budget? Graham & Green's range isn't bad....

Cotton Durry Rugs from £59

Springbok Skin Rug - £65

Circular Goat Skin Rug - £135

you might notice I'm not quite sure what I'm after! bright & folksy or fluffy and natural coloured?!
Or hey maybe I should start crocheting my own?! This doily rug was created by Jean Lee from Ladies and Gentlemen... amazing and so cute! :)



  1. Ah yes the donna wilson rug (I think that who it's by?)... that has been on my covet list for some time!! I'm a rug fan too (that sounds strange...). Carpet just seems too permanent!

  2. I saw this rug on tv - it's pretty much identical to the Heal's version - this link isn't the right version, it comes in the same colourway as the Heal's one. I'm pretty sure it's very similar, at a fraction of the price.


  3. ooh, thanks Lynne! I will be hot footing it down to John Lewis to check that out! :)

  4. LOVING the rug with the big brown flowers :)

  5. hi Caroline, wow I've really been away for too long:) what a lovely new look your blog has!

    I really like the round rug from Heals, will check out these shops! Have a great day=)

  6. We have laminate in our flat, so rugs are essential. I quite enjoy the colourful circle ones, the one thats more of a runner, and the 'patchwork' one.

    If you like the modern big rectangle ones, you often find them on sale in carpet warehouses. we have a massive one that matches our blue sofa, and we only paid something like £50 for it, which is cheap for a big rug.

    We also have a couple of thrifted furry ones, and a couple from Ikea.

  7. Oh I really love rugs and wooden floors. And some of those are just gorgeous. I have been a slack blogger for months it seems but am now back again. Must pay a visit to your shop to see what you have in there now!


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