Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time for a Spring clean?!

So finally it seems like the UK may be heading for Spring! Its been a long old winter, but I am already feeling more motivated about things like getting out on bike rides, doing a bit in the garden and maybe even some Spring cleaning!
A Spring clean is as much about organising than it is about cleaning, so I am looking out for nice storage solutions for things like cleaning products, DIY tools, stationery etc.... and I've always been a huge fan of the Camouflage Company, and just love their latest designs....

I actually have one of these boxes in a different pattern, and it is a fab laundry basket, just the right size & folds down flat for storing away in the cupboard.
If you're not huge on florals, they also have this new design which looks like brown paper....

ooh, and if you are feeling brave enough to pack your winter duvet away already (I'm not just yet!) they do a fab bag for storing your duvet.....

Check out all their other goodies here.


  1. love the new blog look Caroline!

  2. Oh I do like those bags, they are great and sping is definatly in the air, I am tackling the blinds in the conservatory this week


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