Monday, April 12, 2010

Current Obsession: Old books

as I'm sure we all do, I go through phases of loving things, at the moment I am having an 'old books' moment. For a while I never even bothered to look in the boxes of books at car boot sales & markets, but now I find myself scrabbling through them all looking for battered old copies of anything that has a nice cover illustration, interesting spine, or just pretty colours!

Vinilo Verde on flickr

Lisl S on flickr

they look so pretty stacked up with their worn corners and faded colours! or tie them up in a ribbon for added prettiness!

lynda naranjo on flickr

I love how Florence and Florence are selling their sets of Penguin books....

There's even something about the yellowing pages that I love....

yvette inufio on flickr

And if the book is in complete disrepair they can always be used in other ways.... I think this would look lovely in a little frame.

apryl lowe on flickr

I actually used some loose pages from an old nursery rhyme book in my recent photoshoot for Patchwork Harmony..... you can just about see them here.... this is humpty dumpty - one of the products in my newly launched kids range....

in fact old books seem to be sneaking in to lots of the product images for my website!

the 2 books in the above shot were rescued at a car boot sale - I say rescued as it was pouring down with rain and they were in a box getting completely soaked! so I had to bring them home and dry them out!



  1. Oh, lovely styling! I never noticed all your books, but you're right - there's quite a few! I have used some - I also have some lovely books at home which I'm planning to cut up and frame the book plates - but I can't bear to cut them up!

  2. what a lovely post! there is something about old books that makes them more special...the yellowing pages speak something more! i like how you used them in your shop's photoshoots!

  3. The photos are beautiful! Old books speak so much. Just like old men who have seen more and experienced more than the young people.

  4. Old books are my very favourite things, especially hardback ones. My prized possessions are a first edition Wordsworth collection(that I bout for £1.50!!!) and a first Edition Daphne du Maurier trilogy, which was my mum's.

    Beautiful pictures!

  5. They look so good in your shots for your website! I also love that shot of them tied up in the black ribbon - beautiful x


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