Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Hot Pink Chair!

You might remember a recent post where I showed a chair I picked up a car boot sale for £3, and some inspiration for what I was going to do with it? My initial instinct was to paint it hot pink, so I decided to stick with that instinct.. and here are the results! This was how it looked when I bought it....
It was quite a job as the paintwork was really flaky and as it was originally black I had to sand it like crazy, plus it took a LOT of coats to cover the dark colour underneath!!

As you can see I got a little snap happy! So I made a montage of the chair pics!!



  1. Oh I could just imagine you, sanding like it's the end of the world! Need not worry though, the chair looks so cool! I love it actually!

  2. Well done! You make the chair more beautiful. Love the color that you painted on the chair, it makes the chair look sexier.
    Jane Taylor
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