Thursday, April 15, 2010

Indoor Bicycle Style

one thing our lovely little house is missing is a garage - the perfect space for storing all those things that get in the way, and that you only use every now and again. Also a good place for storing bikes - without this, we have numerous bicycles around the house, and why oh why don't they look as stylish and 'at home' as these ones?! Mine is more likely to crash to the floor when I'm trying to squeeze past it out the back door!

last 4 pics via Living Etc


  1. Wonderful pictures, yes wished mine looked like that. Kx

  2. I too want a garage, well I actually I think I could do with two! Bet those bikes never actually get ridden:o) x

  3. oh, love these photos- bikes indoors! they can actually make good accents in a home!

  4. oohhh I so want the pink bike :)

  5. Oh i wish i had a bike with a basket on the front!! I think my life would be tuley complete :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I am still angry about it now and if i see the woman again i'm not sure i'l be able to stop myself from confronting her. Hope you have a lovely weekend X


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