Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The most delicious kitchen!

Whatever your thoughts on the latest BBC cookery programme featuring model Sophie Dahl - The Delicious Miss Dahl... (is it a tad sickly sweet or simply a visual and culinary delight?) ...there is no denying that that's one gorgeous kitchen!

I was mildly shocked at my own gullibility to find out that this is not in fact Sophie's own kitchen, and at the same time slightly elated at the fact her life may not be lived in the bubble of fresh hydrangeas, poetry and perfection that is portrayed!
Sorry does that sound a little bitter?! I just want that kitchen sooo bad! but hey if you have a spare £1.45 million in your back pocket, it could be yours! As the house, which is actually owned by photographer Paul Massey is currently on the market! Buy house here and see more pics here.

Its just stunning, and the perfect blank canvas to go in and add your own touches and splashes of colour - as it seems the TV programme's stylists have done for the show - that wallpaper against the tiles, the bare bulb pendant light glowing orange, the vintage pictures and utensils hanging up, and that bright yellow food processor!

Although some of the credit should really go to the beautiful renovation done on the place by Paul Massey - he truly has an eye for a beautiful interior.... and a great photograph.... see some of Paul's work below and on his website.

So, if I win the lottery this weekend, I'll be setting off to that estate agents in Crouch End! :)

screenshots via BBC iPlayer - oh and if you've missed the show check out the previous episodes on there too of course! ;)


  1. Wonderful images - LOVE the white kitchens :)

  2. I do love metro tiles - and I'd no idea working as a photographer was such a lucrative profession!

  3. I think it looks much better in the "after" photos - much more inviting & cosy. I'm not really a fan of all that white!


  4. so many things to love, the white kitchen, the bedside chair,the dining room...!

  5. That's one hellava house and the kitchen?? I'm struggling to breathe. Do you think it's possible to just buy the kitchen? I wouldn't need the rest of the house. Really, I'd be quite happy just there...

  6. I love those tiles and the wallpaper above too

  7. I love the house, but I get the impression the stylist could make a box look beautiful - that's one talented stylist. It's funny I was wondering if it really where her house too.

    Ok, note to self, buy lotto ticket this week.

  8. Blimey! the difference in aesthetic is amazing. I don't like either kitchen but clearly I need a stylist ;D

    I keep meaning to check out the programme but there's something very Nigella-ish about the way it's being marketed that's putting me off.


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