Saturday, April 10, 2010

Very Sanderson exhibition

I realise I'm a bit behind the times with this, but I finally just made it down to the Very Sanderson exhibition at the Fashion & Textile Museum yesterday! Its runs until the 13th June, so still plenty of time to pop down if you haven't been yet...

It was overall a really lovely exhibition, but I particularly loved the section about the advertising campaigns, I have a thing for retro advertisments anyway so I thought they were great.... check out the matching wallpaper and curtains in the first ad!

The collection of embossed leather papers were also really interesting - you really want to be able to reach out & touch them! (u can't though!)

There were obviously some great examples of the chintz and floral designs that Sanderson are famous for....
this little roomset may be a tad overload (the lamp is practically camouflaged!) but still, a fantastic pattern, that I was informed, is made up of twenty colours...

Another favourite for me was the section about their designs for children, alongside the designs they did in collaboration with Disney they had some really sweet wallpapers and fabric that would not look out of date even now - something that could be said about a huge proportion of the designs that Sanderson have created over the years.

Happy 150th Anniversary Sanderson!
I'm sure they'll be around for many years to come!

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