Friday, May 7, 2010

Relax, its the weekend...

Even though I've only worked 2 days this week, I am still LOVING that the weekend has begun! Maybe its our little kitten shaped arrival that is taking it out of me! :) He's getting more and more boisterous by the day, but still super cute. Does anyone have any tips for litter training by the way?!Anyway time to relax for a few days! My only commitment is popping along to the Buy My Wardrobe event in Notting Hill, for which Patchwork Harmony has sponsored the goodie bags!
Its an event where selected 'wardrobe mistresses' come together and sell the contents of their designers wardrobes! A bit like a really upmarket jumble sale, can't wait!
Hot tip: Check out their website where you will find a discount code for Patchwork Harmony to receive 15% off!
Have a fab weekend! oh, and hot tip #2, look out for a lovely giveaway on Monday!

Pics via Pure Style Online
(also has a small but perfectly formed shop!)

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  1. Hi! Just discovered your lovely blog! Tip for litter training which worked when we got our new kitten home - straight after the kitten eats,pop him straight into the litter tray and hopefully he will soon get the idea!Seemed to work for us with no problems so good luck and hope it works for you too!


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