Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bedrooms... airy or cosy?

The next room I'd like to tackle decorating is our bedroom.... I plan to hang the pigeon wallpaper most likely on the chimney breast, but I am having dilemmas about whether the rest of the walls should go from the deep red they are now to light airy white, or should we stick with a warmer cosy colour?
This isn't my bedroom below by the way! but it is a similar colour at the moment! 
During the winter I did grow to like the deep red walls we inherited as it felt cosy, but now the sun is shining obviously a lighter colour seems much more appealing!
The problem is we have quite a dark wood vintage wardrobe and chest of drawers, and all the beautiful white bedrooms I see and love have light coloured furniture! So I wonder will it not look right?!
Its quite nice here, but our floor is not white it is also dark wooden floorboards.....  plus our furniture is kinda massive  - not small & delicate!
maybe no paint at all?! I love this... 
or a more muted shade.... 
maybe I should use up the pink paint from my chair makeover?!
 or something more subtle but classy.....
argh! I'm so indecisive! I need a house with 10 bedrooms!! :)


  1. I love the warm grey of the third photo up.. cosy but light. I think i want calming duck-egg blue in my new bedroom!

  2. I think it depends on the colour of the other stuff in your bedroom. Our walls are all a sort of dark linen colour (we rent, so no painting) and we have a massive double sash fake bay window,so it's quite airy(similar to the last picture). To cosy it up a bit, I've added trows, blankets and cushions in deep jewel colours (wines and purples), and the balance is quite good I think.

  3. LOL! in the process of "finishing" my bedroom right now, too. I think the problem is we have so much inspiration it leads to split decorating personalities.. I chose a really muted palette that is so boring I can't stand it - bring on some color! I'll be watching to see how yours goes..

  4. I love the pigeon wallpaper!
    I think it depends which direction your room faces. Our bedroom faces west, and I think white looks lovely and fresh, but our old bedroom (also white) faced east and it just always felt stark and unwelcoming. I think it's fine to have white walls with dark furniture though - you can always use dark picture frames to link things up a little... And maybe a grey throw to link in with the wallpaper.
    Equally, grey walls could look really stylish.
    I love bird wallpaper too, and have Laura Ashley's Summer Palace in our guest room.
    Good luck!

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