Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brights or Pastels?

Some interesting research carried out by mydeco.com recently showed that an increasing number of men are favouring pastel and light coloured shades when decorating their homes, while 56% of women said they preferred bold, bright, primary colours.  Funny, I would always have imagined it to be the other way round!
I am definitely more of a pastel girl when it comes to walls - I like my rooms to be light and bright, and then add stronger colours with accessories....

What do you prefer? what does your hubby/boyfriend/male friends go for?
pics via House to Home, Living Etc, Max Attenborough, Lucyina Moodie, Polly Wreford


  1. Stronger colours for me! Does that make me a boy? ;)

  2. I much prefer strong colours (or jewel tones). Husband likes natural colours and any blue. I think I might be a boy!

  3. The color yellow used in the dining room look perfect! The room look so bright. I really love it.
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