Thursday, June 3, 2010

Source, Style, Shoot with.... Pippa Jameson

Another in the "Source, Style, Shoot with...." series - this time with the lovely Pippa Jameson! Pippa is a freelance interiors stylist who works for advertising, editorial and TV clients.  View her portfolio here.
I had a chat with Pippa to find out more about her and her work....

How did you get into interior styling?
When I graduated (1996) I knew that I wanted to work with fabrics and colour but I had no idea that Interior Styling existed as a job.  I started off by visiting all the interior magazines and then one editor suggested that I peruse styling as a career.  I then assisted for about two years and then decided to branch out on my own.  I have been very lucky as I've worked on some great jobs with fantastic photographers.

What do you love most about your job?
I love the fact that it is so creative and varied.  I feel very blessed to be doing a job that I absolutely love.  It can be really hard work at times with impossible budgets, crazy briefs and ridiculously early starts but I wouldn’t change it for the world.
How would describe your personal interior style?
That’s a difficult question as I love many styles.  I have always been drawn to clean lines, minimalism and simplicity as it makes me feel calm but I also have a passion for bright eastern inspired accessories & fabrics.  I adore French interiors, especially old farmhouses,  English vintage, Moroccan, Italian….I could go on and on!

Where do you shop for your own home?
My home is a real mix of things that I've bought and gathered over the years.  I think my favourite pieces are two old leather pouffes that I bought in Marrakech and our huge chandelier that hangs in the bedroom.  I also like to hunt around for interesting finds.  I am a fan of charity shops and car boot sales but my husband isn’t so keen!

 Is there any particular trends you think will be popular in 2010?
We are going to see lots of bright colours which will run into 2011- the trend is being called ‘Folk’.  Also natural fabrics and textures such as wool, suede and leather.

Do you have any tips for my readers for styling their own home?
One way to approach styling a room is start with a key item that you love.  For example you might have a favourite blue chair, a vintage leather sofa or some patterned curtains.  Use this piece as your inspiration and build the colour scheme around it.

Thanks Pippa! 

(all pics from Pippa's portfolio)


  1. being an interior stylist must be such a fulfilling job! what a great interview, i really enjoyed reading this... thanks:)

  2. I agree that we can start decorating the room from those favorite things and colors that we love much and make them as an inspiration in achieving the design or the idea that we want.
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