Monday, June 21, 2010

Thornback & Peel

I have been a fan of Thornback & Peel for a while now and have just purchased some of their pigeon wallpaper! I seem to have developed a slight obsession with 'bird' wallpaper! (see my hall!)
I'm planning to put the pigeons in the bedroom - ironic really as I'm actually not a fan of real life pigeons! Maybe looking at them on my wall every day will help me conquer my fear!
I love how their designs are clean and simple but with a real quirky edge.  I'm loving the new deckchair designs - Strawberry & Blossom and Bird & Egg, and the strawberry teatowel....
The Classic jelly design is possibly one of my favourites... and I love the image below of the dining table where each setting has a different napkin!
I will post pics of the wallpaper when I have decided on how I'm going to decorate the entire room, and actually get round to doing it! 


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  1. I'm also a fan of Thornback & Peel! I'd love to see how you use the wallpaper! The table setting with individual napkins is very inspiring too - gorgeous!
    Tamzin X


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