Sunday, July 25, 2010

Garden Days...

wow, its been another hectic week, time just whizzes by! Luckily the weather has been nice this weekend, in fact without wanting to jinx it, the summer has been pretty good so far!
So this weekend I've taken some time to tidy up the garden... mainly weeding and brushing up but also adding some new planters to the window sills which I picked up last week in the Cotswolds...
This one came from Burford Garden Centre - which was fab and I coulda spent a lot more money at!
And then while browsing a lovely deli in another pretty Cotswold village I asked if they had any spare olive canisters which they had dotted around the shop as display - and they gave me these 2 for free! result! I hope to eventually plant something in them! :)
And I also added this cute metal sign my mum got me, adds a little interested to a blank white wall! 
Claude looking not too amused that he has to watch from inside (he's not old enough or big enough to go out yet, bless him!)
And just a few other corners of our little garden...
our shed needs regualr haircuts!
this vintage coca cola crate came from one of my fave shops - The Old Cinema.
Hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sun if you had it! 


  1. Such lovely garden items! I wish my garden looked so tidy. I really love the shed with its hair.

  2. Love your things you have got ..:) Those sort of things I love collecting too. I have a panel of a Coca Cola box...not the whole box but just the font panel. So you are lucky to get the whole box :) Looks great.

  3. Claude is too adorable! Beautiful things - especially that Good Housekeeping sign, love that!


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