Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keys to the Fleas

I'm still feeling rather French since my little holiday last week, so how excited was I to find out Claudia from the Paris Apartment has just launched an iPhone app called Keys to the Fleas which details all the flea markets in Paris, how to find them, when they're on, and what you will find at each one! Possibly the best iPhone app ever in my eyes!

And who thought technology could be so pretty?! The design on the app is really chic, the pretty illustrations were done by Elaine Biss.
If you are planning a trip to Paris any time soon you have to get this! (If you have an iPhone obviously!) Or just get it and plan your next trip to Paris around the seasonal markets... one on my list being Lille's Grand Braderie in September.  (check out Home Shopping Spy's great review of last year's event)

Buy the app here or search for Keys to the Fleas on your iPhone app store. (its only £1.19!)
Now we just need an app like this for the UK!



  1. I want that Pram!!

    Havent got an iphone:(

    Michelle x

  2. Hi Caroline! Thank you so much for posting about the app. I'm thrilled you like it and just between us, London is next! I'll add you to my blogroll, let's keep in touch!

  3. A UK version would be fab... one that covers Scotland mind though as wouldn't be much use to me otherwise ;)


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