Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Deco Blog Awards - Vote for Me!!

I am thrilled to have been nominated for the My Deco Design Democracy Blog Awards! How exciting!
I have been asked to explain what design democracy means to me, and then from the 1st August you can cast your vote, please vote for me if you feel I’m worthy! Here goes....
pick me! :) 
photo by i.Anton

'For me, blogging opened a whole new world and a new career running my online boutique.  When I discovered blogging I discovered a voice with which I could literally offer up my thoughts on interiors and design, and if people liked it they could say so, if they didn’t, they can also pass comment freely.
We have always been free to do what we like with the interior of our own homes, but now it is not only the magazine editors and interior designers who inspire us, we are inspired by thousands of bloggers whose tips, ideas, links and own personal experiences give us the courage to go and create a home that is full of character and things that you truly love.  Design is now wholly accessible to everyone, not just to the people in the know, and is more exciting than ever, and all opinions count no matter what your taste, style or views!'

If you would like to vote for me and my blog go here from the 1st August to do so. Thanks!


  1. oh I'll be voting :) ... I love reading your blog - well done

  2. How very true. I am new to blogging and like you, am just about to have a Blog Shop!! I had thought about a web site, but expensive, going the Blog way I havent lost much if it doesnt work:)
    Michelle x


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