Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Week in France....

I am suffering a little from post holiday blues after a lovely few days down in the South of France... and still slightly gutted at the fact Ryanair's baggage restrictons made me throw away the copies of Marie Claire Maison & Maison Chic magazines I'd bought, and a jar of purple and white lidded Bonne Maman jam! :( Not mentioning the fact I practically had to put on all my clothes I had in my bag at once, just to make it light enough to pass their weight limit! I know rules are rules, but its still very annoying to have to get rid of your holiday purchases!

Anyway, here are some little snaps from my trip  - the area we were staying, around the Charente and Dordogne regions, is truly beautiful - huge fields of sunflowers and maize line all the roads,  I never got bored of the sight of all that yellow!
We stayed in a family friends gorgeous converted farmhouse with the 4 rowdy chickens and views out over the stunning countryside....
We visited the house my other half's mum is soon to move into with her husband and convert into holiday lets... I was loving the old mill machinery that was still there.... the place will be amazing when its all finished, and I can't wait to spend more time out there!
Sadly I didn't manage to find any great flea markets while there - it seems they are mostly on the weekend, so I missed them, but I did find a little cave of a shop in a town we visited called Brantome which was full of all those typically French lovelies - linens, lace, glassware, enamelware and old tins... It was pretty pricey though, I guess as it was located in a bit of a touristy town... great for a browse though!
On our last day we did check out a big market in a town called Riberac, the market is held on a Friday morning, and was really buzzing - it was a proper variety market - anything from food, to clothes, souvenirs to crafts.... I bought a few French soaps, the kind that come in every colour and scent imaginable - at least these didn't get taken from me at the airport! :) Apart from that we browsed the lovely food stalls, and the only bric a brac/furniture type stall I could find.....!
All in all a great trip - although I think next time we should drive there so I can bring back as much shopping as I want! :)


  1. Wow what fantastic photos, those sunflowers.....
    Looks like you had such a wonderful time.

  2. What lovely photos indeed!!!! What camera have you got? Is it just a normal everyday camera?
    Those Sunflowers were just stunning!

    And yes, you must deffinately take the car next time!! Fancy not being able to buy all those lovely bits and pieces:( gutted:(

    To cheer you up, I am having a Give Away on my Blog if you want to pop over and have a look.
    Michelle x

  3. The sunflowers are stunning, their my favourite summer flower, very inspiring photos!

    Tamzin X

  4. the sunflower field is amazing and so are the violets! all these photos are stunning! how i wish i could spend a holiday somewhere this beautiful too! a break would be most welcome!

  5. Oh fields of sunflowers you took me back about 18 years. We spent every summer holiday in France driving past such fields. My Mum used to call me her little sunflower.

  6. Your pictures look amazing, I want to go on that holiday!! Love the sunflowers, if only we could have such cheerful fields in Yorkshire!


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