Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anatomical & Botanical charts

I have written about 'school style' before back in Dec '09 and it still seems to be a popular theme, at recent markets I've visited there are lots of wooden school chairs, globes, measuring jugs etc.
Another popular theme at the markets seems to be vintage medical equipment... I've seen lots of old operating theatre lighting, which would look great in an industrial space, along with some fantastic medical and anatomical wall charts.... If I'm honest they are not something I'd been keen to gaze at while eating my breakfast, but there is something appealing about them in a strange way!
Etsy seems to be a good place to pick up some interesting ones... top pic is from here, 2nd pic from here , and 3rd from here  (my fave!)

Although perhaps for the squeamish among us, these botanical charts are a better option, of which Whippet Grey do some lovely German re-issued ones for £48.
I think they look fab here: 


  1. LOVE IT! I want to have my tattoo retouched in this style..thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I would love one of the black background ones, really like them!!

  3. you can find these to purchase
    on Etsy, French powder shop by metroart shop.
    all found in Europe.
    and more great sites about Vintage charts

    FRENCH DEYROLLE CHARTS http://deyrollecharts.blogspot.com/


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