Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bringing out the Silverware

I have to say, I tend to breeze past the silverware stalls at markets, it doesn't tend to do much for me.  Certain pieces of vintage cutlery jump out at me, but in general I ignore it.
But maybe I'll take a second glance after seeing how stylist Hannah Simmons has made these pieces of silverware look really beautiful...

just by adding some colourful flowers and adding other textures it seems to have transformed these pieces... I especially love the teapots in the first shot!


  1. I am actually a bit of a silverware fan myself and I really enjoy the styling here. It's so pretty.

  2. i always pass by these items because they are blackened, but the teapots look fab with flowers in......i'm keeping my eyes peeled from now on!!!

  3. I love I'm rather fond of the first shot there too. I don't have any silverware because it does tend to need cleaning regularly but I guess you get away with a bit of blackenedness if it is decorational rather than for actual use!


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