Sunday, August 1, 2010

Curtain concerns...

When it comes to curtains and window treatments I have a little bit of a panic... firstly there are so many curtains I see that I think are just hideous, and secondly I am scared of measuring up wrong and the curtains being the wrong size and not covering the window and looking awful!! And there's so many options! Pencil Pleats, Eyelets, which pole, which finials, tie backs, hold backs etc!!
But my research seems to indicate I prefer simple and straightforward like the examples above.. or something a bit more unique, like these: 
Its so difficult! If you have any curtain tips let me know! 

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Thanks SO much to those who already have! xxx


  1. Pourtant un rideau bien choisi fait souvent le charme d'une chambre! Merci de nous avoir montré tout ça!

  2. Hey, I'm a trade curtain maker. What do you need to know? Email me my address is in our profile and I can help you work it out! Speak to you soon, Nic x

  3. I worked for a fabric shop and did curtain orders and fitting, so feel free to email me!

  4. Hello, I'm your newest follower so I thought I'd stop by and say hi!

    I think the long curtains at the top are really lovely and totally timeless.

  5. Hi there....
    Just wanted to let you know that for years I've had the dilemma of figuring out what to put in my windows. The costs of getting curtains made and finding the right fabric, has alway been to undecided issue... But after 20 years of not having a curtain anywhere, I've opted for some rather fabulous 'Monogram' french linen sheets which I'm going to attach to some old brass hoops and an elegant wooden pole. .... Finials rescued from a car boot plus sheets, pole and hoops and all at total cost of £50... no bad considering they look almost too good to be true. I've saved myself a good £300 at least... think this sort of thing would look great in your house....

    Best Helen

  6. thanks everyone! And Helen, yes I think that is what I might have to do! I looked in John Lewis at the curtains and other bits you need and it does add up! I'm going to look for some fabric at the market today I think! xxx


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