Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dream Bedroom...

 I'm so excited to be finally picking a lovely pale light colour for our bedroom walls! I may have mentioned before they are currently a deep red, so it is going to make such a change going to a lovely pale colour! its not going to be pure white as the pigeon wallpaper is cream and grey, so I'm swaying towards a nice light grey... I'd love to paint the floorbaords too, but all I can picture is kitten shaped paw prints all through the house!! current colour below although actually looks darker in real life..... Ideally I'd like it to be similar to the above one day! will reveal the results in a few weeks hopefully! x


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  2. That's quite a drastic change! Our walls in our rented flat are currently that pale, black our blind oatmealy colour, and we aren't allowed to paint. I have to put pictures up everywhere to make myself feel it has personality!


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