Friday, August 27, 2010

New wallpaper from Farrow & Ball

Aren't there some brands out there that have just got it so right? For me, one of those is Farrow & Ball. Their products ooze quality, class and style, and they have kept their independence since setting up in 1946, and still produce the paint & wallpaper down in Dorset where they began.
My other half usually has to drag me past their shop window in Richmond as I gawk in and dream of painting something (anything!) with 'Skimming Stone' or 'Borrowed Light'!
I do tend to associate them more with gorgeous paint colours, but I recently got wallpaper samples of some of their new designs, and they are really lovely.  They are traditionally block printed so have  a beautiful texture and 'handmade' look to them, and aren't the colours great?!
I love how they've used a matching or complimentary colour on the skirting boards in these shots, and I think my favourite has to be the last one, mainly as I am loving green at the moment! ;)
Check out 'The Baroque Papers' from Sept, prices start at £62 per roll.


  1. Loving the top for my bedroom! and the yellow one with the sirting, although would have to redo my whole spare room!! Kx

  2. Snap! I've just blogged about the same wallpaper!



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