Sunday, September 26, 2010

Teaspoon Vintage

This week i came across a lovely little online shop via Eat Drink Chic. The shop is called Teaspoon Vintage and is based in Singapore.  I just had to have this little perfume bottle! I am planning for it to go on my set of cheese mould shelves from Pale & Interesting (once they go on the wall when the bedroom is finished!)
I think (hope) the delicacy of the bottle will contrast well with the roughness of the shelves!
Here are some other pretty items from Teaspoon Vintage... their blog is also worth a look.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Claire Coles Wallpapers

I love wallpaper. Although I don't love how long it takes us to hang our wallpaper! Our roll of Thornback & Peel pigeons is still waiting to be put up!
But imagine having your own bespoke wallpaper design specifically for your space?!  This is what Claire Coles offers with her Couture embroidered wallpapers.  Produced by layering fragments of vintage wallpapers and embroidering with silks and leathers, these wallpapers really are the luxury option!
I love the idea of using scraps of old wallpaper to create a new one... I've seen lots of wallpaper sample walls recently, (below) which you could easily do yourself, and you may remember my noticeboard I made from some, but Claire's use of scraps is definitely on another level!
If you don't think you can stretch to a bespoke wallpaper, get a little touch of Claire's style in your home with her cute mugs instead! (£15)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One of the Girls!

So last week we had a little shock.  We found out that Claude the kitten, who we thought was a boy for the last 5 months, is in fact a little girl! We have decided to keep the name Claude, but it is still mighty hard to start calling him, her! And its amazing how you do find that you have given the cat 'male' attributes within their personality! all in the mind obviously!
So in honur of Claude's new found girly-ness, here are some pretty pics to feast your eyes on!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ceramics in the City + Raffle Winners

Last Thursday evening I popped over to the Geffrye Museum for the preview evening of their 'Ceramics in the City' selling exhibition. I was on a mission to buy a gift for a friend from the fantastic Lou Rota's stand (and bagged myself a mug too!)
Lou's stand looked fantastic, it really stood out from the crowd... and here are a few of the other ceramicists work  that stood out for me....Firstly Fliff Carr's delicate and feminine pieces....
Linda Bloomfield, whose work I've seen many times before, but am still always drawn to its simple and clean design, and a little pop of colour...
I also liked the fun designs by Katrin Moye... for me they felt a bit retro with a touch of country cottage....
and finally, and possibly my favourite of the night, is Sue Paraskeva's beautifully earthy but contemporary porcelain tableware.... maybe its the rustic mood I'm in lately but I think these are really lovely, and I also love the styling of her website photography....
Sorry this post is a little late, the exhibition is now over, but you can check out all the ceramicists further on their websites.

And now, for the raffle winners! If you placed an order at Patchwork Harmony recently, check your order number now to see if you've won your order for free, or if you are a runner up winning a mystery gift! 
So the 2 winners, receiving the full amount of your order back again, are 404 and 400...
and the 2 runner up winners are 406 and 402....
Congratulations, I will be in touch by email.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mirror Love

For some reason I can't bear 'new' mirrors.  They often look cheap to me, even though they rarely are! All the mirrors in our house have been bought either from markets, car boots or ebay, for a fraction of the price of what is on the high street, and to me they all have character and charm that new mirrors just don't have....
And we don't have to be scared by a little wear and tear to the mirror surface and/or frame, again, it adds charm.
Why not go all out and make a mirror a work of art in its own right, like these by Huw Griffith....
I think it looks fab here... (styled by Louisa Grey)
oh  and then there are outdoor mirrors! I reckon one of Huw's would look fab in the garden, although I imagine they would need a bit of shelter from the elements, or just bring it out when the sun is shining!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Which lamp?

I'm trying to decide on a new lamp for my bedside table, I think I am swaying towards the Graham and Green Pharmacy Lamp (above), but what do you think of the other choices?
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