Thursday, September 23, 2010

Claire Coles Wallpapers

I love wallpaper. Although I don't love how long it takes us to hang our wallpaper! Our roll of Thornback & Peel pigeons is still waiting to be put up!
But imagine having your own bespoke wallpaper design specifically for your space?!  This is what Claire Coles offers with her Couture embroidered wallpapers.  Produced by layering fragments of vintage wallpapers and embroidering with silks and leathers, these wallpapers really are the luxury option!
I love the idea of using scraps of old wallpaper to create a new one... I've seen lots of wallpaper sample walls recently, (below) which you could easily do yourself, and you may remember my noticeboard I made from some, but Claire's use of scraps is definitely on another level!
If you don't think you can stretch to a bespoke wallpaper, get a little touch of Claire's style in your home with her cute mugs instead! (£15)

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