Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lombok on the list

There are some stores that I just pass by, and for some unknown reason I'm never drawn into, and then one day, I realise why did I never look in here before?!
There is a Lombok store in Kingston, and I also walk past it, maybe I always thought it was out of my price range, or I thought it looked a tad dull, but then I recently spotted a lovely chunky knit throw in a magazine, and lo and behold its from Lombok!
It is perfect for our soon-to-be-newly-decorated bedroom, so it is definitely on my wish list, and not too hefty a price tag at £130, considering the chunkiness of that knit! So while on their website I spotted a few other little gems - I have to say - not everything in their range floats my boat, but these are a few of my fave picks....
View their full range here

PS. thanks for the comments and tips about cat flaps! Claude is now officially using it all by himself! So thank you everyone!!


  1. Oooh I so want that blanket... the OH will kill himself laughing if I show him this, he thinks I have a total blanket obsession. (He is right though!) This looks so cosy!!

  2. I bought two ribbed pillar candle holders from Lombok a couple of years ago and they sit on my window in my conservatory. They still look great and have a rustic/ethnic look. I love the crockery in the above pic.


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