Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mirror Love

For some reason I can't bear 'new' mirrors.  They often look cheap to me, even though they rarely are! All the mirrors in our house have been bought either from markets, car boots or ebay, for a fraction of the price of what is on the high street, and to me they all have character and charm that new mirrors just don't have....
And we don't have to be scared by a little wear and tear to the mirror surface and/or frame, again, it adds charm.
Why not go all out and make a mirror a work of art in its own right, like these by Huw Griffith....
I think it looks fab here... (styled by Louisa Grey)
oh  and then there are outdoor mirrors! I reckon one of Huw's would look fab in the garden, although I imagine they would need a bit of shelter from the elements, or just bring it out when the sun is shining!


  1. I have a mirror wall like the top picture. I love it! Its took a little while to collect but as you said so much better then new buys! xxx

  2. I agree, I love vintage mirrors & am always on the lookout for them, they rock. x

  3. I am totally with you on the mirrors. I love vintage.

  4. They're amazing! We have mostly vintage art deco mirrors and a couple of huge ikea ones – we couldn't afford a huge vintage one! I think the reflections are just softer/nicer in the old ones :)

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