Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One of the Girls!

So last week we had a little shock.  We found out that Claude the kitten, who we thought was a boy for the last 5 months, is in fact a little girl! We have decided to keep the name Claude, but it is still mighty hard to start calling him, her! And its amazing how you do find that you have given the cat 'male' attributes within their personality! all in the mind obviously!
So in honur of Claude's new found girly-ness, here are some pretty pics to feast your eyes on!


  1. Gorgeous images as always ... but my fav is certainly of Claude. We had the same happy problem with our cat, TC ... always thought, "a little boy" until the vet said ...awww, SHE's a sweetheart. oooppps LOL.

  2. Claudia, maybe? ;) that's so funny! did you only find out when you took her to get neutered?

  3. we got a kitten many years ago and the RSPCA told us it was a girl. We called her Tilly, turned out she was a he but we still called him Tilly!!
    Claude is still a cutie!!!

  4. Oh my! How confusing for everyone! ;) Well you can pretend Claude is short for Claudette :) She is super cute!


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