Sunday, September 5, 2010

relaxing at home

My other half was away this weekend on a cycling trip, so I took it as a chance to do a little bit of relaxing, a little bit of vintage shop/car boot sale rummaging and a bit of work - we are STILL painting our bedroom! So as I can't show the bedroom yet, here a few other little pics from around the house....
I just bought the bon bon dish above recently from online shop - The Other Duckling - I'm so pleased with it, the colour is gorgeous, and looks lovely in the evening with a tea-light in it.
I've spent a lot of time this weekend trying to train little Claude to use his cat flap so he can go play in the garden... but he just seems to want to come in and out through the other door! If I prop it open a little bit for him, he'll use it, but otherwise he won't! any tips cat owners?!
The car boot sale was prety rubbish this week, but I did pick up these lovely botanical illustrations from my local antiques shop, £1 for both... :)
and a little weekend reading... a book I'll be reviewing on here soon...
Time for a cuppa and some DVDs I think! Enjoy what's left of your weekend!


  1. Put your cat out and ONLY ever let him in through the cat flap. You wait on the inside of the cat flap with some cat treats and lure him in. After a while of leaving the flap partially open, he'll probably get used to pushing it open - especially if it's raining outdoors. But treats are the answer, it worked for me...

  2. Lovely colour bon bon dish, great buy, happy reading. Kx

  3. I have to say my boy Bob NEVER learnt how to use it and all his life we had to hold it up with string!

  4. it took our cat ages, or so we thought, to come through the cat flap by herself, so we always used to leave it propped open. However, when we were away and friends were feeding her she mysteriously managed just fine! I agree, treats are a good way of rewarding success. Our cat still prefers to use the window if its open - so much more civilised!

  5. I feel relaxed just reading about your weekend lol


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