Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cupcakes & Dancing

Wednesday was my birthday, and the other half and I had the day off, I hate to work on my birthday! I got some lovely gifts, one which was on my wish list for a while, this lovely chunky throw from Lombok...
you can also catch a glimpse the pigeon wallpaper in the background in the 1st pic! Its not quite finished, but looking good so far! Claude is loving the throw too, she keeps snuggling down on it, and pawing at it!
Another lovely pressie was this perfect little cupcake - which came from the Butttercup Cake Shop. Yum.

My surprise gift was the below which, at first I was slightly baffled by, but in fact they were to represent  tickets to see the Royal Ballet in Covent Garden! hurray! We went on Wed night, and had a lovely lovely time. :) 
We also revisted the Orange Pekoe tea shop in Barnes, West London, planning on Afternoon Tea, allow sadly we were too early, so had lunch instead, still v nice indeed. 
And today I got this beautiful bunch of flowers from my work colleagues and more cake! :) 
All in all, a very lovely birthday thanks to my also very lovely other half! And thank u to all my family & friends for your fab gifts and good wishes! I feel very spoiled! :) 


  1. Happy Birthday!Looks like you were thoroughly spoiled, those pressies are fab. I am particularly jealous of the throw,it looks super-snuggly. Glad you had a great day.

  2. Happy Birthday! So many lovely things.

  3. Happy belated birthday! Cupcakes and ballet are fab but that blanket... swoon! I am very jealous! (I may have mentioned my blanket obsession before?!)


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