Saturday, October 2, 2010

Simple Home

This week has absolutely flown by! I can't believe it's the weekend already! I'm looking forward to (hopefully!) getting the pigeon wallpaper up this weekend and relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book... talking of books I mentioned one recently which I was planning to review on here, and finally here it is!
As I've mentioned before, I am currently having a real moment for rustic, and natural interiors - lots of pale, muted tones, wood, linen, handmade pottery and woven baskets with a touch of industrial is doing it for me right now! And the perfect book to give inspiration for this look is definitely Mark and Sally Bailey's (of Baileys Home and Garden) latest book - Simple Home.

Mixing the Baileys eye for simplistic style and the photography of Debi Treloar, it is always going to be a good book in my eyes, so visually it is an absolute treat.  The content has the quite standard format of splitting the book in 2 - firstly the 'elements' or in this case 'philosophy' and then the second half looks at individual rooms.

For me the book really displays to its reader how your home can feel comfortable, relaxed and uncluttered, and it is all about choosing the right 'things' to display, and also a level of organisation that keeps it in this calm state. It is a very considered look but is made to feel laid back and stylish.

I'm pretty sure I will never achieve this look exactly, I have much too much 'stuff', but hey, I can dream! :)


  1. Your wallpaper will look fabulous! Love the Bailey's look, I visit their shop whenever I go to see my Mother, its just brilliant,

  2. I am saving money to pay a visit to bayles love some of their storage pieces.


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