Monday, November 15, 2010

Current Obsession: Antlers

When in France in October staying with my other half's mum, we discovered a huge stuffed stag's head in the old barn.  With no idea how it came about to be there, we brought it in and unwrapped it, and quite majestic it was! There may be lots of differing views over taxidermy, but it seems it is definitely featuring heavily in modern interiors - whether real or faux. For me, there is just something lovely about the shape of antlers, and since the laws on taxidermy are much tighter nowadays, it seems more acceptable than it was 20 years ago.
For example these plaques from Pale and Interesting come from humanely culled roe bucks.... (from £39.95)
And these ones below are from Papa Stour are sourced after the twice yearly cull of the deer in the Scottish Highlands - they believe they are saving these sculptural items from ending up in the landfill.... (£94)
If you are not so keen on having the real thing in your home, there are lots of alternatives for adding some 'stag style'! 
Aluminium heads from Graham and Green from £79
Stag mirror from Polly Westergaard £100
Stag Coat hooks and door knocker - both £19.99 from Rockett St George 
Enormous Stag cushions - £129 from Pedlars

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