Monday, November 8, 2010

Dream Bathrooms

Bathrooms can be a little boring sometimes - I guess because the majority of us have so little space and as it is very much a functional area, we tend to go neutral. 
This often results in a plain white box room - I know ours is pretty much this - but then there really is nothing wrong with it at the moment, so it will stay as it is (for now!) 
But then I see pictures such as the ones here, and firstly I wish our bathroom was bigger, and secondly I am totally inspired to do something quirky in this little room!
I love this first bathroom (above) from Sally & Mark Baileys home, which mixes together that rustic/vintage vibe they do so well with modern fittings which takes it away from looking too tatty - simple but effective.
My dream bathroom would definitely have a roll-top bath - and one that only gets used for luxurious bathing, so can easily sit next to shelves of curious objects which you can look at and reminisce about while lying in the tub!
Wallpaper, a chandelier, beautiful flowers and a nice piece of vintage furniture, are all also a must - no matter how unpractical - these are essential for that luxurious feel!
What would your dream bathroom be like?!

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  1. Great ideas for a very difficult room! Love the towel ladder... I've just ordered a bamboo ladder from The Orchard Home & Gifts (bargain at £25!)

    Chloe x

  2. Oh dear I so much want to do my bathroom!! This are good ideas, although my space is limited so no bath just shower!!

    So nice to see u at the bloggers event, and talk about bussines, blog and life. I hope the show does very well in Xmas.

    See at other event!!


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