Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Its definitely on its way!

 I've been holding off on the Christmas posts as long as I could, but lets face it, its definitely gonna be here before we know it! And this year, I am finding myself thinking about it even more than usual, as we are 'having Christmas' at our house this year! The first time we will have cooked a turkey (lets hope it is cooked!) And mainly all I can think about is how to decorate the house! Lets hope I actually remember to buy some gifts too!
So just a little bit of Christmas decorating inspiration.... I LOVE the image above of the decorations in the jars - a great idea if you don't have the room or inclination for a tree... and I think it looks really classy.
 I think a quite neutral classy table will be my plan - I've bought a vintage lace tablecloth from France (!) on ebay, so this with lots of candles and a white and silver theme I hope will look as nice as these above!
Oh and weirdly I like the idea of decorating with quail eggs! Not for eating (not for me anyway as I hate eggs!) But they are just so pretty!

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  1. Hi Caroline, Like you, I'm really looking forward to Christmas and especially the decorating.... Errr Turkey..... hmmmm.. I remember my mum used to cook it over night, used to be a huge pa-lar-va....but I can tell you if you want a lovely succulent bird follow Delia's Turkey recipe... and if you can.... try and get hold of one of Heston's Christmas puds... I know they are like gold dust.. so delicious...I understand you can order them from Waitrose in advance.
    We're holding our first proper Vintage Christmas Bazaar on the 9th 10th and 11th.. in Putney and I'd really love it if you could drop in and come and see what you think... Happy to send details if you're interested.
    Thanks you for a great year in brilliant Blogs! Always look forward to them....
    Best, Helen


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