Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I think we are all pretty much fed up with the snow at this point! We all dream of a White Christmas, then when it comes it seems like it is more likely to ruin Christmas for many who can't get to where they need to be! :(
On a brighter note, we can take a little inspiration from all that white stuff outside to add a little handmade touch to our gifts! Did you ever used to make snowflakes out of paper when you were younger?! Well look how lovely these look not to mention easy to make!
 And if you get carried away and make too many you could also tie they to some vintage bottles for some pretty decorations!
Images and Instructions are from Gifted Mag by Creature Comforts
If you are a perfectionist check out How About Orange for how to make the perfect paper snowflake, like these....
 So even if you've been snowed in and can't get to the shops you can still make your gifts look pretty just by grabbing some tissue paper, greaseproof paper or card and a pair of scissors! 


  1. Oh they are lovely! You should see my attempt at paper snowflakes - they look nothing like those, lol!

  2. Awesome! Love the red ones...so classy ;-)

  3. Oh I love the orangey/red ones! And I love the idea of putting them on to presents – we're wrapping everything in old magazine pages so this might be a nice festive touch if I have time :)

    Merry Christmas xx

  4. They look lovely. I feel even more shameful about the hasty wrapping session I did this afternoon now, looks like I let my husband do it - lol! Oh well, the best laid plans and all that, there's always next year.

    Merry Christmas! Beth

  5. Merry Christmas Caroline - hope to catch up in 2011. I'm afraid that despite my best intentions, we often wrap things in newspaper in my family - call us lazy or cheap! Lovely idea though.

  6. Oh thanks for reminding me about these delightful crafty thingys. I have made them before but not for a very long time. Will have a go and enjoy myself. It's not all about work is it!
    Have a very happy Christmas from Star

  7. So pretty, Loving the red ones!
    Wishing you & your family all the best, Happy Holidays! x

  8. You couldn't have begun this post with anything more true! Exactly how I've been feeling, all cooped up!

    But I love these! Especially the red ones.

    - Lauren

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