Sunday, February 28, 2010

New products have arrived!

Last week I was shooting some of the new products that I have just added to the Patchwork Harmony boutique! And here are the results from the shoot.... these are all available on the website now.....

and these beautiful handmade tiles will be available from next week.... they are being sold individually, and could be used as coasters, pot stands, or just as a decoration on your mantel piece!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

File it away for another day....

Why is it when you are patiently waiting for that perfect piece of furniture to come along, to fit that empty space and is within your budget, lots of other inappropriate but gorgeous things just seem to keep jumping out in front of you?!
I'm currently keeping my eyes peeled for some kind of unit/sideboard to go under our living room window.... something like this would be cool, although if it was about £1000 cheaper! :(

But what pops into my inbox today but this beautiful green filing unit! I love receiving the weekly updates from The Old Cinema where this is from, but usually I can't afford their lovely pieces (although we did get our Grain sack sofa from there!!) but this is only £195, not too bad!
The colour is stunning and those little gold handles!! Its not right for the long low space under the window, so I am trying to tell myself there is no real place for it,and forget it - but its so pretty!!

PS. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win some egg cups! Entries close on Sunday!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Liberty + Merci = Supershop!

If you are a fan of floral you are more than likely a fan of the Liberty print designs. Liberty is one of my favourite London shops, and I always try to pop in when I'm down in that part of town... so how excited was I to hear that Liberty are collaborating with one of Paris' hottest new stores - Merci?!
I visited Merci when I was in Paris at New Year, and it really is something... a huge store full of quirky and stylish items, from clothes, to furniture to stationery. My budget was really only capable of dealing with a few small pieces of stationery, but it is the whole experience of shopping there which is enjoyable.... its spacious, well designed and full of desirable items - what more could you want!?!
But if you can't make it to Paris, you can get a little taste of Merci in London this March, as there will be a 'swap shop' opening at Liberty! The fantastic brains behind Merci - Marie France Cohen is designing a limited edition range of products using the famous Liberty print. This is to include clothes, accessories, homewares, stationery, soft furnishings, fabric & gifts. One item I am particularly excited to get my hands on is a Liberty version of MT tape - the Japanese decorative tape made from rice paper. Sounds amazing....and how cute is this little suitcase?!
London swap shop opens at Liberty on 8th March until 1st April
And if you happen to be lucky enough to be in Paris, visit the swap shop at Merci from 1st March until 21st March.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Harrys Garden in the Hallway!

If you've been reading for a while you might remember me mentioning trying to choose wallpaper for our hallway... I finally made a decision on Louise Body's 'Harrys Garden' back in October, and last weekend we finally got round to hanging it!

I'm so pleased with it, it really makes an interesting feature in our long hallway.... I have a couple of mirrors to hang still just to add that finishing touch!
My boyfriends dad showed us how to put it up, and it was easier than I thought (or at least he made it look easy!!) so I'll be wanting to wallpaper everywhere now! So much more interesting than paint! ;)


Friday, February 19, 2010

The Beautiful Petersham Nurseries

So I am only now getting round to telling you about my Valentines Day last weekend! Myself & the other half went on a bit of an epic walk over to Richmond for lunch, and on the way we stopped by somewhere I've been wanting to visit since moving to this side of town - Petersham Nurseries.
I'd heard good things about it but wasn't quite sure what I'd find there....
Lots of plants (obviously!) an expensive but yummy looking restaurant & a treasure trove of a shop! oh the shop!!

There is a huge range of gorgeous garden bits, from a huge range of seeds to large pieces of antique garden furniture...
I LOVE those mirrors, but unless I can find £650 from somewhere I won't be getting one from here!! Yes, the shop is pretty pricey in general - I was quite occassionally shocked when I saw the price tags on some items - for example some 'antique' garden tools from £30! - to be fair pretty similar to the ones you'd find in the back of your dad's shed! but hey, still pretty!

They do much more than just garden items... lots of lovely homewares, furniture, stationery, beauty products and food are also to be found.

And what did I come home with?! 1 x candle snuffer + 1 x natural fiber washing up brush... I know - I really pushed the boat out!! maybe next time I'll get that £2000 antique bench!

Anyway, it is well worth a visit if you are ever in the Richmond area of London, I'm sure it is even more fantastic in the summer when all the flowers are in bloom! In the meantime, check out there website, you can view the shop products, and also have a look at the gallery as they have a great selection of pics ot browse through!

Have a great weekend! oh, and don't forget, if you are entering the competition make sure you leave an email address, or send it to me, otherwise I won't be able to contact you!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blog Makeover! (& giveaway!!)

Well as you may have noticed my blog has had a little bit of a facelift! what do you think?! Its all down to the fantastic work of Katie at What Katie Does. I think her design work is fantastic and would highly recommend her, thanks Katie!!
I guess I just decided that after 16 months of writing my blog that it was about time for a little update! AND what better way to celebrate the new look than with a little giveaway!!

First Prize: a set of 2 Stacking Egg Cups.... one of my most popular products in my boutique - the winner will be able to choose whether they want 2 pink, 2 turquoise or one of each! And you will also receive a surprise goodie bag!

Runner Up Prize: One runner up will win a surprise goodie bag!


To Enter: Just leave a comment on this post, I'd love to hear what you think of the new design, but you can just say hello if you like! :) I will then draw the winners on the 28th Feb, so make sure to get your comment in before then! make sure to leave a contact email if you do not have a blog I can contact you through.

Good Luck!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interior at Bourne & Hollingsworth

This is another "I don't normally blog about..." posts! This time about a bar..... but to be fair I think there is lots of interior inspiration to be had from the bars, restaurants and shops that we visit.
And last week I was sipping cocktails from a teacup with a cucumber sandwich at London's Bourne & Hollingsworth bar, while feeling very 'at home' with its vintage parlour interior with a bit of a modern twist!

It is most definitely a breath of fresh air from some of the ultra modern bars around London, it is cosy, but still cool.
So if you're ever at a loose end around the Oxford Street/Tottenham Court Road area, it is worth checking out - it is just off Oxford St, on Rathbone Place.... it took me a few mins to spot it, so here's what it looks like from the outside!

have a teacup cocktail for me! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Wheeler Studio - Stationery

I don't often post about stationery, but sometimes its just to lovely not to! Sorry this is a little late for Valentines Day, but my other half received one of these cards, so didn't want him seeing them beforehand! :)

Its these beautiful cards from Eliza at Wheeler Studio on Etsy that I have fallen for.... visit her shop to read these cards up close, they have the loveliest little quotes on them!

and some of her other designs are just fab too....

and I am loving these beautiful prints, perfect for a childs bedroom perhaps.... she only has these 2 in the shop at the moment, so I'm really hoping she will have more soon, as I think they are stunning!

oh, and just to let you know the Patchwork Harmony blog will be getting a new image very soon! so stay tuned for the new look in the next week or two, I'm really excited about unveiling it! :)


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cheap Chic!

wow, its been a busy week, and I'm feeling guilty for neglecting my blog! :(
And when, oh when, is this freezing weather going to cease?! my fingers are numb as I type! I want to be curled up by the fire with a good book, but before that here is a little peek of Emily Chalmers gorgeous book Cheap Chic. (I might just be curling up with this!)

I've loved Emily's styling work since I got one of her other books Flea Market Style a few years ago, and Cheap Chic is just as beautiful, with the stunning photography of Debi Treloar making everything look gorgeous!

Its the perfect book for me, as I'm desperately try to create the perfect interior, but on a seriously tight budget! And while we all know markets, car boots sales and charity shops are the places to go to find those little treasures, sometimes its putting them all together that is the hard part!
So the book gives lots of ideas on display and storage for example.
The crate shelving in this plain and simple living room makes the storage solution a real focal point....

and I really want to take this idea of using an old railway sleeper as a shelf in our bedroom....

I also like the fact that Emily has incorporated some high street buys into the book, as sometimes it is just easier (and occasionally cheaper to buy high street)!! There are also 'top tips' throughout the book, which are great for quick little ideas. I think I'll be dipping into this one regularly! :)

Photography by Debi Treloar from Cheap Chic by Emily Chalmers, copyright
Ryland Peters & Small.
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